Smalltalk was the very first short film I wrote and still my favorite. It was adapted from a monologue by Glenn Alterman which I found in book of audition pieces. 

Part of my job was to figure out how it could be a film, which is where the interview framework comes from, as well as what could be onscreen to compliment the story that Helen describes. 

And to keep up the mystery of "Leonard" at the end....

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Jellybaby was written as an apology to my parents for all the sleepless nights I caused them as a baby. 

They've nearly accepted my apology.

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an ranger

An Ranger was co-written with PJ Dillon. 

We then wrote a feature version which is called 

Black 47. You can find out more about that here

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Runners happened because one day I saw two kids on bikes in my neighbourhood on bikes break into a car and steal a bag, all within twenty seconds.

So I wondered what the rest of their day could be like.


In my research, I got to meet some kids from this world.

They would run rings around any candidate on The Apprentice.

It won the 2010 IFTA for best short film

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